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Using employee field tracking software can guarantee a clear vision of the activities of your field employees from afar with high accuracy.

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What is Field Employee Tracking Software?

What is Field Employee Tracking Software?

Employee real time tracking software is not software but a promise of efficiency and productivity for your employees. The key purpose of employee tracking solutions is to help you monitor your employee’s productivity and bring ease into the operation through automation. The software consists of solutions that enhance the visibility of their actions.

What We Offer

Solutions Offered by the Employee Tracking Platform

Our field employee tracking platform offers automated solutions
that will help employees be productive while on the field.

Attendance  Management Solution

Management Solution

Attendance tracking software automates attendance. Geocoded attendance automatically marks agents' presence at the first task location. If still unsure, managers can ask for visual verification through the software. The option to link tasks with attendance is also presented.

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Task Management

Delegate a month’s tasks and schedules in advance remotely in one go through the bulk task upload feature. Also, track the status of tasks checklists of employees and assign tasks to ad hocs using employee task tracking software.

Task  Management  Software
Employee Real-Time Tracking Solution

Employee Real-Time
Tracking Solution

Managers can keep tabs on the field employee using employee GPS tracking software and geotagged images. We offer accuracy with the least amount of buffering period. Managers no longer need to call the employees to know their whereabouts.

Leave Management

Employees can apply for leave remotely thanks to the employee tracking app. Managers are notified through the app and can respond to requests remotely. Furthermore, managers can view the employees' history and upcoming leaves through the detailed dashboard.

Leave  Management   Solution
Employee Expense  Tracking Software

Employee Expense
Tracking Software

Remote workers can upload their bills via the field employee monitoring app and view the status in real time. Every manager in the customizable hierarchy can see the request. Managers can put a cap on expenditure amount teamwise.

Order Management

Manage your orders on the go. Sales and marketing agents can book orders easily using the app. The available products are visible to the agents on the employee monitoring software, making it easy for them to book orders.

Order  Management   Tool
Industries We Optimise

Features of Employee Tracking App

To bring ease of operation and improve performance quality, we offer
features that will help you complete tasks.

  • InBuilt Chat Box

    Eliminate the communication gap between managers and field employees with the help of an inbuilt chat box. Employees can freely share photos, videos, messages, and voice notes regarding the tasks.

  • Custom Field and Forms

    No longer do field employees have to struggle with physical paperwork. Instead, custom forms are the perfect way to record feedback and other data digitally. In addition, the form can be customized according to the requirements.

  • Digital Documentation

    Cloud storage provided can be used to upload and store documents. Field employees can access the data remotely without having to wait for it.

  • Employee Monitoring Reports

    Our field employee tracking software offers customizable analytical real-time reports. These reports are a great way for managers to measure the productivity and efficiency of the employees accurately.

  • Customizable Alerts and Notifications

    Alerts of upcoming meetings ensure that the employees reach their meetings on time. These notifications and alerts are customizable to suit your organization’s requirements.

  • Network and Battery Status

    No more excuses of dead phones and no network, as managers can now even track the battery and network status of employees using the software.

Industries Using Employee Tracking Software

Our platform will help your business if it requires employee tracking solutions, no matter what industry you are in. Here is an impressive list of industries that have benefited from using employee real-time tracking solutions.

  • Phlebotomy

    Phlebotomists can now manage tasks, documents, and patient details with just a few taps on the screen. It has even become easy for managers to assign patients.

  • Construction

    Efficiently managed the employees and hired labor on the construction site through time tracking. Also, automate expense tracking through the software’s solution.

  • Sales and Marketing

    Door-to-door sales and marketing is a sure-shot way of forming a personal connection with your clients. Managers can track the agents' location and checklist status in real time.

  • Medical Representatives

    Be aware of the widespread of medical representatives using employee live tracking software. Also, managers can view the sales made by each employee through the software.

  • After Sales Services and Maintenance

    Customer satisfaction is a priority for businesses. Ensure optimized and timely after-sales services with the help of the software. Assign tasks to the best-suited employee.

Employee Tracking Software

What Sets Our Employee Tracking Software Apart?

Our platform is the best employee-tracking software because we understand that no size fits all. We leave no stone unturned when catering to our client's demands and needs. We offer customizable solutions that enable us to fulfill the requirements.

Another factor that sets our software apart is the high level of accuracy we provide in the accuracy of live location with the least latency. This accuracy is hard to achieve. Apart from this, our software is very flexible and can be integrated with other software.

Employee Tracking Software